Sunday, 24 September 2017

Friday, 22 September 2017

3rd September 2017

"Ave Maria" by Rihards Dubra

"Ave Maria" is the Hail Mary.  It is a common motif used in religious choral works.

Rihards Dubra is a Latvian composer born 28.2.1964.  He started his piano studies at he age of 7 at the Music School in Jurmala near Riga.  From 1978, he continued his studies in music theory at the Emils Darzine Special Music School in Riga.  From 1982 - 1989, he studied composition with Prof. Adolfs Skulte at the Latvian Music Academy.  In 1996 he attained his MA in composition.  Whilst studying, he also worked at the Music College in Jurmala teaching music theory and composition.

He writes mainly sacred music, choral, symphonic music, Mass and cantatas.

Sunday 17th September 2017

"O Lord my God" by Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810 - 1876)

The words are from King Solomon's prayer based on 1 Kings 8.

For more on the composer see 9th July 2017.